Our journey.. From Frankadua (red) to Accra (light blue) to Tema (green) to Ada Foah (dark blue)
The place we are staying is in the red circle.. literally right at the point where the river meets the gulf 

Fernanda leaves us at the end of next week, so she got to pick the location for our weekend travels. She hadn’t been to Ada Foah yet, so that’s where we are now! It’s a town in southeast Ghana, next to where the Volta River flows into the Gulf of Guinea (that’s the same river as the one near where we live in Frankadua). It used to be a big town for trade, but that’s a thing of the past and a lot of the buildings that used to be here have washed away due to erosion. Now, there are mostly just beaches and big vacation houses.

Party car!

The trek to Ada Foah from our village is a bit of an adventure (just like the trek to pretty much anywhere), and ours ended up being even more interesting than anticipated. A normal trip from Frankadua would involve probably two tro tros and one boat ride, but we had an extra stop to make in Accra because Nico had to extend his visa. So our plan was to kill time at the Accra Mall until he was finished and go from there.
When we were trying to get a tro from Frankadua to the mall/immigration office, the mayor drove by and offered to take us in his car… so we all squeezed in, and off we went! He said that he was headed to Accra anyway, but I’m not sure that was true. I think he might have gone just because of us. After two squished hours (and a few traffic stops where he had to “encourage” the cops to let us go even though there were too many people in the car), we made it to the mall, and Avy, Fernanda, and I went snack shopping (my favorite thing) until Nico and Amber finished at immigration and met us for lunch.

Us with our new best friend, Fred the boat driver. Not sure why Fernanda and Amber are making those faces…

The next part of our journey didn’t go quite as planned… We thought that we would be able to get a tro from the mall to a transfer point (Tema Roundabout), but everyone we talked to said there weren’t any. Hm… so what now? We were wandering aimlessly through the parking lot with no plan for what to do next when someone yelled Nico’s name. It turned out to be some guy that Nico and Amber met a couple weeks ago in Frankadua, Rudolph, and when they told him about our situation, he said he could give us a ride because he was headed that direction anyway (I don’t think he was telling the truth either). So the five of us squeezed into Rudolph’s car, and we were off again! The ride was cramped but seriously luxurious because he had air conditioning!!! I don’t think I’ve experienced functional AC since I’ve been here. It was amazing.

Some of the vacation homes along the river

When we got to the transfer point, Rudolph walked with us and helped us find the right tro to take to Ada, where we then took a boat to Ada Foah. You’re probably thinking that this MUST be the end of the story… but alas, it is not. We got probably 95% of the way there, anddd the boat stalled. The driver started using some questionable methods to try to start it up again, and we were so close to land that someone from the hotel started walking through the water to us with the intention of pulling the boat in. He was probably 20 meters away (sorry… I’m starting to think in metric now. 65 feet or so) when the boat finally started up again, and we cruised into shore.

We were welcomed into shore by this hideous sunset

Yay!! We finally made it! By the time we landed, it was past dinnertime and no one was hungry anyway, so we just dropped our stuff in our rooms and hung out/played cards. Now it’s time for bed! Tomorrow the relaxing begins!

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