​Sometimes you don’t realize how in need of a break you are until you get one and are reminded of what it feels like to be relaxed. That’s exactly where I was, and today has been the most perfect, relaxing day.

Fernanda with our hut

We took our time getting up this morning (YAY for sleeping in!), ate a leisurely breakfast, and got changed into our bathing suits to go to the beach – 10 feet from our huts.

Huts everywhere!

Oh yeah, did I talk yesterday about where we’re staying? The “hotel” is a collection of little huts, so we have a three person room with a sand floor (aka no floor… just a hut sitting on the sand) and a two person room with a floor (a luxurious concrete floor). I think they’re hilarious. I also have to comment on the electrical situation… There are lights in both rooms, but only one has a switch. In the other, we’re supposed to just pop the light bulb in and out to turn it on and off. The “fixture” is literally just a bulb hanging from the ceiling, supported only by its wires. Where two wires are connected to each other, they’re just twisted together and the connection is exposed. To get the power from hut to hut, there are just wires running underneath the sand without any protection beyond the normal plastic insulation (at home they would have to be in a pipe). I could keep ranting about the lights in pretty much the whole country, but I’ll spare you. Maybe another time.

The river side

ANYWAY, we decided to go for a walk to explore, starting on the river side of the peninsula and walking around to the gulf side. It is beautiful here. It’s also pretty cool to see the difference between the river water and the gulf water, and you can clearly see the place where they mix with each other.

Me on a rock. Obviously.

The rest of the day was equally uneventful. We played some volleyball, went in the river and played monkey in the middle, and laid on the beach. I made a sand sculpture and took a nap on a hammock and lost to Nico in chess. We watched the sunset and ate dinner, and after everyone else went to bed, Fernanda and I sat on the beach, looked at the stars, and talked. On a clear night, the sky here is always incredible because there are barely any lights around to interfere with the dark sky.

Sand sculpting

I’m really bummed that Fernanda is leaving next week… I think I’m still in denial a little bit. We get along so well and have a lot in common. But Mexico City isn’t TOO far from Philly, and she’s promised me a piñata if I come to visit, so it looks like it’s time for me to start planning a trip to Mexico!


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  1. Looks like an amazing trip. Tell María I am going to Portugal in a week. Quinlan and I are taking 15 people! Can’t wait …. tips welcome … Besos, Sharon G/

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