All good things must come to an end, and today we left Ada Foah after breakfast to make the journey back to Frankadua. I felt so refreshed after relaxing all day yesterday, and I actually really enjoyed the ride back.

Fernanda enjoying the boat ride

Step one was another boat ride with our friend Fred. This one went without a hitch, and he promised to come visit us in Frankadua. This happens pretty much everywhere we go… it’s kind of funny. It’s a good thing though that we all have Ghana SIM cards, so our phone numbers will disappear once we leave. This way we can give them to people without worrying about getting random calls from Ghana after we’re gone.

Tro #1. This was a pretty big one.. There isn’t always this much space

Step two was another tro ride. We had to walk from the dock to the station in town, and when we found it (after asking a bunch of people for directions), there was no one there. Great. Time to ask more people for help! We walked out to the street and started asking around until we finally found someone who directed us down the road because apparently tros don’t run all the way to the station on Sundays.Of course. Because why would they? *internet sarcasm*

Some scenery from the ride home

We found a tro, and I got a prime seat – back row by the window. That meant that I didn’t have to move for anyone, and I got an awesome breeze. I’m telling you, those things get HOT, and today was very sunny which doesn’t help at all. Everyone else slept, but I was happy to just sit and enjoy the ride.

Step three was the tro change at Tema roundabout. We thought that we would be able to get a tro direct to Frankadua from there, but everyone we talked to kept telling us that there was no such thing and that we had to take a cab to some other station to get one from there. It’s so hard to tell when people are being helpful or if they’re trying to take advantage of our ignorance (since we’re so obviously not from here). Who knows what the truth was in this case, but we decided to assume they were being helpful and took a cab to some random station.

Step four was a tro from the random station to Frankadua (FINALLY!). I lucked out again on my seat and was in the front next to the driver which means 1. more leg room and 2. a window AND the windshield. A breeze and a view. What more could you want? Well, for one thing, a seatbelt would be nice, but that’s always a long shot. I’ve been working on not having an anxiety attack every time I get in a vehicle without one.

Two hours later, we were home! Quite the trek, but we made it! The Cape Coast crew got back maybe 20 minutes after us, and the rest of the night was spent exchanging stories and getting ready for school tomorrow. Last week of summer school… eek!

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