I’m Lara K (or Lark), and this is my blog. I’m going to bring you along on my adventures around the world!

I studied architectural engineering at university and worked for a few years as an electrical engineer/lighting designer for commercial buildings. My education and experience have given me a great appreciation for architecture, design, and ingenuity. My life has given me a great appreciation for laughter and the awesomeness of the world.

If you’re interested in learning a little more about the world along with me, this might be the place for you! If you’re interested in reading things that are completely factual and objective, then maybe not (I aim for factual, but expect an abundance of personal commentary and bad jokes).

The major part of my travels has been volunteering in Ghana (3 months), Peru (3 months), India (2 months), and Armenia (9 months). I love spending enough time in a country to truly understand the culture and the people and to feel a sense of belonging.

Currently, I’m back in Peru, volunteering with Esperanza de Ana again for the rest of 2019! While I’m here, I’ll be posting updates about the project I’m working on here as well as (very delayed) posts about my wandering after I left Armenia last year.

Check out the homepage to see what I’ve been up to most recently, and look in the archives for easy access to past posts. Come and explore with me!