This has been such a fabulous weekend, but all good things must come to an end (I actually don’t think I agree with that saying in all situations, but they must when the good thing is a weekend). It’s back to school tomorrow! I could tell you about the weekend, but I’ll be honest… mostly I slept. I recovered like 95% from my cold last week, but I wanted to give my body plenty of time to rest so that I could get rid of the lingering stuffy nose and cough.

I was SO excited about today because I could actually sleep in! Every other day there’s either school or church. My plans to sleep until noon were foiled by some 8:45AM pounding on my door, courtesy of Anika (little sister #3), to tell me that breakfast was ready. Whomp. So much for sleeping all day. When I got downstairs, Ruth said something about how “everyone slept in today”. We are definitely not on the same page about what that means.

So, I did what anyone would do in that situation. I ate breakfast and then I went back to sleep for three hours. Ah, perfect.

When I woke up, I decided that maybe it would be a good idea to spend some time actually being productive, so I watched a movie and then got to work (I know, I know). Joke’s on me though because post-movie, I only had 2 hours before it started POURING rain and the power went out. Also, I’m going to amend my earlier statement about how every time the power goes out it’s a power cut. I think that we have both power cuts AND power outages. That pretty much guarantees that something is happening to make the power go out each day. Anytime there’s a storm, especially when it’s windy, the power goes out for at least an hour or so. Today it was out for almost five, and the internet is still not working (speaking of which, I’ll probably have to post this tomorrow).

This week on “Lara Gains 500 Pounds in India”, we have chocolate chip muffins, cookies, and best of all, cheese.

As you might expect, that cut into my productivity a bit. On the bright side, it also made it so that I couldn’t keep eating cookies all afternoon because I keep them in my fridge, and I didn’t want to open it and let the cold air out. I forced myself to plan for classes tomorrow and grade the rest of the monster stories by lantern light, and now here we are. Time for bed!

Ruth and I are re-starting the workouts tomorrow morning. I received another delivery of muffins and cookies this weekend, so trust me, I NEED to do something. It stinks that this is the rainy season because there’s at least a 60% chance (I just made that number up) that it’s going to rain in the morning. I guess if it’s nice we’ll walk, and if it’s not, I’ll have to get creative. I could probably jump rope in the chapel.

Also, I realized that I haven’t taken many pictures to help you imagine my living situation here. Like I said, I’m basically living in luxury. Here are some pictures of my room:

My beds (where I sit when I don’t actually want to get work done)
My desk (where I sit when I actually want to get work done)
I know, right? Mini-fridge, TV (that I don’t use, but that’s beside the point), tea kettle. Craziness!
My sparsely populated closet
My sink with running water that I will never again take for granted
I take bucket showers here, but I really don’t mind them. I mean, I have my own water heater which means I don’t even have to use my tea kettle for a hot shower. Bucket showers are way more efficient too.