​It’s starting to seem like we have a seven-day work week here. I don’t think there’s been a single day since the very first day that I didn’t do something work related. I’m happy to feel like I have plenty of things to do here and am being useful, but at some point, I’m going to need a day off. For now though, everything is good!

It is somewhat of our own doing because our work on Sundays has been class prep for the week, but there’s just too much to do the other days. I am definitely understanding the first-year teacher struggle of having to plan your curriculum for the first time and start from scratch. Thank goodness I have a co-teacher! It makes a HUGE difference to have someone to bounce ideas off and to know that you don’t have to come up with everything yourself.

I’m getting ahead of myself though. Today wasn’t a work day from the very beginning, at least. We started out the day by going to a new church in Lima that Debbie wanted to check out. It’s a Christian and Missionary Alliance church, which is the same alliance that my church at home (Citylight) is a part of. I liked it there, but I did have a WAYYY harder time understanding what the pastor was saying. He spoke much more quickly than the pastor last week, and I’d have to put my comprehension at 50% at best.

One of the breaches we drive by on the way to and from Lima. I love the big rocks out in the water.

By the time we got back from church and grocery shopping, it was about 2:30, and Debbie and I took a little time to pull ourselves together before sitting down to figure out our classes for the week. We came up with a general plan for the week first and then made a detailed outline for the class we have tomorrow. We’re talking about urban planning and building massing this week, and the kids are going to use all of their newfound knowledge of maps and cities to create a kid city for their first big project.
It took us about four hours to come up with a plan and gather the materials that we’re going to need. Totally exhausting. Fingers crossed all this planning means that things will go smoothly in class!

The neighbors are blasting music AGAIN tonight. Debbie said that last night’s party went until 5AM! The only thing making tonight slightly better is that it’s Peruvian music rather than the party/rage/electronic dance mix playlist they were using last night. I think I’ll be able to convince myself to fall asleep relatively quickly even with the extra sound (my eyes are trying to close already, so I think we should be good).