​You’ll never guess what happened today… we finished wrapping all of the notebooks!!! I seriously thought there was no chance of us finishing before the end of the week, and I’m still not completely sure about how it happened. The total notebook count is 266, and maybe about 50% of those are double wrapped (paper then plastic)… that means that we wrapped notebooks about 399 times over the last 5 days! That’s crazy.

So many notebooks, all fabulously wrapped

The wrapping process was down to a science today. All week, I’ve been tweaking things and working to make them more efficient. Today, we were on a roll. All of the notebooks were already sorted, the labels written, the papers and plastic pieces cut, so the only thing that anyone had to do was wrap! The less thinking required, the better.
By the end, some of the kids were helping, Julie helped me finish up the last few, and I was refusing to stop until they were all done. Those things put together are what made the final stretch possible. 

Tonight is a night for celebration! So I’ll be going to bed… Oh to sleep 15 hours, uninterrupted. That would be the ultimate dream right now.

The team’s last day is tomorrow, so we have an action-packed day in Lima ahead of us. As happy as I’ll be to not have to make 6AM coffee anymore, it will be sad not having them around. It’s been nice having some fresh faces around.

Okay… I’m starting to type gibberish. That means it’s time to sleep. Chau!