We did something different at the farm today! Fernanda and Avy came along as well, and we sowed corn in the field that we cleared on our very first day. We had to remove kernels from the corn cobs first, and then we used the machetes to make holes in the ground and dropped the kernels in. To make sure the corn was planted in straight lines, they had long strings with stakes on each end that were moved as each row was completed.

Removing the kernels from the cobs

Each time a string was moved, one of the volunteers and one of the locals would start at each end and work towards the middle, planting the seeds about one foot (human foot, not 12” foot) apart. I think I probably did about ¼ of each row, and the guy I was working with was so fast that he did the other ¾ in the same amount of time. I felt a little pathetic, but I have to keep reminding myself that they’ve done all of these things a million times and I’m just learning.

Planting the seeds

After the farm and breakfast, it was off to school again. Today was another brutal day. English was fine, but in Math we decided to teach the basics of measuring since it seemed like the kids needed a better review than we did yesterday. It was not great. I felt like I was talking to a bunch of cardboard cutouts. I explained what a “unit” is and why it’s important to say the units when you’re measuring. I explained what all of the lines on the ruler mean. I asked them a million example questions. They weren’t even trying today. I don’t know what’s gotten into them. I would ask a question, they wouldn’t answer, I would answer it and then immediately ask the same question again, and they would get it wrong. AHHH!! Is it even possible to have more than one day in a row where I feel like school is going well??

The rest of the day was nice and chill. Maria and I went for another run, and this time, we ran on some of the backroads around the town instead of just doing laps around the soccer field. It was way more interesting, but it was a tough workout because a lot of the roads are like running on loose sand on the beach.

Our big activity of the night was a lip sync battle. Yes, it was my idea, but when I suggested it last week, everyone was all about it! Today, there was some protesting, but in the end, it happened, everyone participated, and it was hilarious. People really went all out, and that’s the key. It doesn’t even matter whether or not you know all of the words. You just need to fully commit to the performance. Hehehe it was so good.

Anyway, below are some pictures of the house so you can get a better sense of what it’s like here on the day to day. I’m off to bed!

Our house!
The view of our yard/the street from our house
The common area where we eat, make lesson plans, and hang out (and someone did laundry today so it’s also our laundry drying room)
The hallway from the common area to our rooms. So welcoming, right?
Amber’s and my beds… And our VERY organized stuff
One of the luxurious shower rooms, bucket and all
The bathrooms

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