Armenia: 4 Lara: 0

That’s the current score on the Armenia vs. Lara’s health competition. (I don’t know exactly how I would score points in this situation, but don’t worry about that.) As of this week, Armenia is beating me by two eye infections, one sprained wrist, and one round of food poisoning. Yep, as if I wasn’t already struggling enough, I got destroyed on Monday by some mystery food. Maybe some shady Russian spaghetti? Who knows, but it doesn’t really matter because whatever it was definitely defeated me.

Carineh and the culprit pasta

I started feeling sick on Monday before I got home from work at GTC, and by the time I was sitting down to dinner, I was NOT okay. And then I was DEFINITELY not okay and lying in bed, clutching my stomach, surrounded by barf bags and bottles of water for the next 30 hours. As if that wasn’t bad enough, besides my stomach literally hating me, my entire body was sore. I was basically immobile all day. I don’t think I had ever had food poisoning before this, and now that I’m somewhat recovered, I can’t say that I’m interested in ever having it again. There’s a reason why it’s called “food poisoning”. The word “poisoning” does not imply a pleasant experience.

I skipped my archaeology job both days this week because as much as that bummed me out, the idea of being outside under the sun for 8+ hours with nothing but grass and rocks in sight while also doing physical labor sounded like torture. Instead, I’m spending today sitting at GTC, attempting to motivate myself to get work done, and drinking mystery host mom beverages that should supposedly make me feel better (and with how horrible they taste, I sure hope they work).

On the bright side, theoretically, the week can only get better, right?

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