A woman selling pineapples on the beach

There’s really not much to say about today because I did almost nothing, and it was awesome! The day started when I woke up at 10, a welcome break from my usual 5AM alarm. We had a leisurely breakfast, headed to the beach (right outside of our hotel), and kicked a soccer ball around. Once other people started joining in and it developed into a game, I decided it was time for me to duck out and just watch.

I worked on my tan (aka fell asleep on the beach) until everyone was overheated enough to go in the freezing cold water. That lasted probably less than 10 minutes… the water was rough and it was hard to do anything except dodge waves.


To complete our action packed day, we decided to go on a hike in the afternoon, left during the hottest part of the day, got 15 minutes into it, realized that it would probably take 10 times as long as we expected, and turned around. So yeah… very productive today. Anyway, I’ve said all there is to say, so rather than rambling on about nothing, here are some pictures!

The inside of our room

Some pictures of the hotel compound

The well and bucket for fetching shower water

The outside of the shower. Using this one was pretty weird because there’s no door, and the walls are about neck height so you can see everyone walking by.
The inside of the shower “room”. As you can see, no showerhead. Yay for bucket showers!

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